Our core principles are as follows:


·       We espouse a strength-based view of the struggles of indigenous populations, which entails focusing on the resilience, fortitude, wellness and empowerment of indigenous communities.

·       We believe in indigenous solutions.

·       We are committed to religious neutrality and support culturally appropriate and internally motivated groups and solutions so that programs are intrinsic to the people they aim to serve.

·       We refrain from intentional assimilation and try to remain vigilant about unintentional assimilation. 

·       We support only high-quality programs.

·       We take small steps in a fiscally responsible manner to ensure good management, careful self-assessment, and long-term relationship building.

·       We are guided by the concept of relationship rather than charity.

·       We are neutral on internal political issues and abstain from internal conflict.

·       We do not rely on Tribal governments or the Federal government for financial support.

·       We support Tribal sovereignty; we exist for the people.

·      We engage only those practitioners, advisers, and others who share these values